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I am a full time studio based fine artist, my work explores beauty, femininity, love, passion and a sense of self. The inspiration comes from memories, life experiences, dreams and by taping into the stream of artwork from across the ages.  

I aspire to have a distinctive style, my work has been said to be instantly recognisable, even when exploring new techniques and materials. I tend to use an idiosyncratic colour pallet of blues, turquoises and violet hues, mixed with monochrome styles. I aim to create exciting unconventional pieces for the contemporary art market.

Having sold 350+ original paintings via online platforms and physical exhibitions, both nationally and internationally, you can be sure you are viewing work by an experienced art practitioner. Each original piece arrives with a hand written, wax sealed parchment, which serves as provenance for the artwork. Please browse the Gallery and Shop to find a piece of original art which speaks to you.


More about Dianne

Welcome and thanks for taking the time to visit my site, in our busy technology driven lives it is so important to take time to look at, and surround ourselves with things we find beautiful, things we enjoy and art pieces we love to look at daily. I hope that within my site you find beauty, truth and inspiration, but most of all I hope you fine a piece of art which makes you feel good, feel joy and that you want to keep looking at, whether that be revisting my site or buying an original piece. I would love for you to join my mailing list, or VIP FACEBOOK GROUP, so that you can keep track of and be part of my art journey, I am dreaming big and I would love you to come along for the ride.  

A little more about me.

I live in the North East of England, close to the picturesque North Yorkshire Moors and work from my studio in Middlesbrough as part of the Gilkes Street Artists studio group.

Education/artists training

My work is driven by the desire to create work which pushes the boundries of my own art practice, to constanly strive to make innovative work, but also from the desire to create work which you the art collector appriciates. Also pieces which people who have never before considered buying a piece of original art would love to own, to enjoy and love, or to just keep looking at and feel inspired by.

What makes me happy? When I am free, when I allow my materials to be free, when I find "happy accidents" which I can hone into usable, repeatable techniques. 

What makes you happy?


Since completing my formal arts education, gaining both a Bachelor if Arts in Fine Art and a Masters Degree in Fine Art, I have exhibited nationally and locally, including solo exhibitions and group shows, both commercial and gallery settings, also many commercial and private commissions. Including a commission for the Director and Screen Writer Joss Whedon, this came about as part of my last Kickstarter Exhibition Project.




Exploring both figurative ideas and 'the surface, through various mediums, using both representational and abstract art. Throughout my career my art practice has explored many media, always with a foundation in observation, drawing and mark making, my practice has explored painting, inked work, sculpture, installation and site specific work.



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