Do you love the arts?

Do you love to express your unique taste and individuality through your very own home gallery? It is one of the few ways we can really convey our taste and our style by filling our personal spaces with art which really resonates and touches our souls. 










Owning an original art work - a one off piece is a perfect way to do this, to know that no one else in the world owns the same thing is a special feeling.

When you buy an original painting, or other piece of art you are making an investment, it really is win win. You become an investor and patron of the arts, buying, supporting or commissioning, you are investing in the artists career making it more likely that said artist will prosper, be seen by more people, make more work, secure more meaningful exhibitions, ultimately increasing the value of your own investment. And, as all that is happening every day you are enjoying looking at and living with the most unique purchase you will ever make - unless you get  the collecting bug. 

Creating an even more unique experience

Commissioning your favourite artist to create a piece specifically for you - your ideas, maybe your face, or a loved one, a collaboration if you will. Each paintitng the artist gets the opportunity to create (for this really is an opportunity) feeds into the artists practice, to their knowledge base, to their skill set. Each new piece shapes and builds on their talents. Imagine now, how you would feel if one day, you hear, the artist you have supported wins that big award or competition or is being commissioned to create something for a public space or an international celebrity, you would feel, you would be part of that special journey, and if you had never bought that painting or commissioned that portrait?

Commission Portraits and other custom work

Do you like the contemporary modern fine art style I use? Whether it be in oil paint or ink? Wonderful as commissions are a collaborative endeavour, with subject matter of your choice, and will always be discussed with you before hand. I can work from your own photographs, or come to you (distance allowing), making sketches and take photographs to work from in my studio. The style will of course be talked over before any order will be booked in, but each piece will be unique, and distinctive of my art practice. 

Please contact me here and I will get back to you to talk over your needs. 

I really do look forward to hearing from you and working with you in the future.

Workshops and Public work.

Please contact me here  to discuss any other commission opportunities, I have extensive experience with murals (private and public) workshops and other arts projects. 






Prices vary depending on size, style and complextiy. Please contact me for details.

Commissions, Murals, Workshops, tutorials.

Please contact me for any enquires about commissions - large or small scale, Murals on a commercial or residential scale, arts workshops with children or adults, and tutorials for art groups or individuals.